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horse lease agreement

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LESSEE SHALL SHALL NOT have the option to return the horse to Owner prior to the end of the lease term. Purchase of Horse by Lessee At the end of this Lease Agreement date stated above Lessee has the option of purchasing said Horse for the mutually agreed upon amount of terms of sale to be determined on separate Equine Sales Contract. Equine Lease Agreement Parties This EQUINE LEASE Agreement is made this and between the following parties day of Owner or Lessor Name by hereinafter Owner...
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What is the Equine Lease Agreement?

If you are an owner of a horse or just want to lease this animal, the equine lease agreement must be prepared. If you have this document, you know that the horse is well-cared and may not worry about the legal side. The document must be signed by both parties. When one of the signatures is missing, the agreement is considered invalid.

What is the Equine Lease Agreement for?

The equine lease agreement may be used if an applicant owns a horse and wants to lease it to another individual. The terms for your agreement must be set and all aspects must be clarified. This document has two types. The first one is a full-time horse agreement. In this case the borrower has complete access to the animal for the time determined by the parties. The second type is a shared-boarding equine lease agreement. According to this type, both parties have access to the equine, and they share the financial responsibilities for the animal.

When is the Equine Lease Agreement Due?

The period for which you may use the horse according to the agreement must be determined by both parties and indicated in the document. The parties may negotiate about the penalties that can be imposed if the deadline is not followed.

Is the Equine Lease Agreement Accompanied by Other Documents?

This agreement may be accompanied by the documents that confirm the ownership of the equine. You may also be asked to attach the documents that display the horse’s health condition. Prepare these attachments in advance.

How do I Fill in the Equine Lease Agreement?

First of all, you must date the document that is to indicate the day when it was completed and signed and by whom. The following information must be basically provided in the agreement:

  • Owner name, address, telephone number and email;

  • Lesee name, address, telephone number and email;

  • Information about the horse: name, registration number, sire, dam, date foaled, sex, color, other details;

  • Term of lease;

  • Price;

  • Owner warrants;

  • Lesee liabilities;

  • Risk of loss and insurance, etc.

In the end sign the document and date it.

Where do I Send the Equine Lease Agreement?

Both parties must keep this agreement for their records until it expires.

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